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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

        I have heard from people that becoming or being a Christian is not logical. People choose to believe in what can be seen, touched, and heard. In history, this thinking is often seen. This is what Thomas the disciple expressed? Thomas would not believe until he touched the nail scars in Jesus’ hands and feet. Even Peter could not fathom Christ's resurrection and had to run to see the empty tomb for himself. Paul wrote to Timothy saying people will gather around themselves "one teacher after another...chosen to satisfy their liking and to foster the errors they hold" (2 Timothy 4:3-4 Amplified Bible). People will turn away from the truth and wander into myths and fabricated fiction. God desires you to get out of this fiction and live the real life He made for you. 

Why is it hard to believe in God? Further still, why is it hard to believe Jesus Christ died for our wrongs? We believe we are fallible and make intentional errors as well as unintentional. Being sinful is a part of being human after the first sin committed by Adam and Eve. Even, at times, we blame our errors/sins on the devil. If we believe a devil exists, why is a gracious God hard to conceive? God exists, creates us in His image, and desires to restore us to our original, sinless nature so we can be with Him now and forever. The disciples believed in the power of the Lord Jesus and observed His majesty with their own eyes. They did not believe Jesus and His power and grace was a mirage or figment of their imagination. The disciples gave three years of their lives to learn from Jesus and He gave them three years of His life to show beyond doubt He is the promised Messiah foretold by many prophets (2 Peter  1:16). Thousands of eyewitnesses observed Jesus’ earthly ministry. Writers during Jesus' time and after documented His time on Earth. Historical scribes wrote several accounts of His death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven. 
Why does salvation have to be logical? Why do Jesus and His salvation plan sound like folklore to so many? Believers in Jesus know salvation does not come from human logic, but comes from the blood of Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for our sins. Are we going to allow Satan to continue to confuse us? We choose to believe or not to believe in God’s gracious salvation. Satan wants to keep you confused. If you believe a devil exists, then, to have a logical balance, there must be an anti-devil. This anti-devil is the triune God (more powerful than the devil) - our maker, once-for-all sin sacrifice, Savior, Father and King. If this logic fails for you, try calling out to Him and wait to hear how He answers. God wants you to return to Him. He will respond to you. Talk to Him today and wait; He will answer you.