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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Let us consider a couple of thoughts for the day. When something grand occurs, we find it easy to recognize God’s hand in it; but, it takes every bit of our spiritual discipline to discern God’s hand in the minute everyday details. If we are in a close relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, we will show humility and be a servant. As a result, we realize how small we are and can most easily see God’s hand in everything. 

            The common detail in both of these quotes is the being in a close relationship with God
. We will know by seeing God in every detail and not seeing impossibilities. We will also know by the way people relate to us. Here is the question we need to consider, not are we humble, for if we have to ask that, we are not. No, the question we need to consider is are we in such a deep relationship with God that every one of our actions, words and thoughts are in line with God. Are the norms in our lives in line with servant-hood and obedience?

            This is much to consider; so, consider the main thing: are you in a relationship with God that is life changing?