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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Once upon a time, in a land nearby, there was joy, plenty, protection, and love.
Upon a day, a thought occurred, who can I be and to whom should I bow?
Then perchance a sweet voice welcomed me in, convinced me trust, try, and see;
This that you have is not all there's to be.

I watched as her hand upward reached it should go, and touched, then grasped, a wonder to know.
It tantalized and bewitched, called upon heart, mind and soul.
Come smell, sniff, and taste, from the beauteous orbs of tree.
Its delicacy whispers and calls out to thee.

A glow, a sweet hum from mind arose, the challenge, conscience piqued, how would He know?
One drop, sweet anticipation, juice trickling languorously down,
Eyes catch, twinkle passes, haunting insistence pulses through me.
Moment passes, breath taken, taste and see.

First bite, forbidden, forsaken, command not heard, heeded, or hearkened.
Silence lengthens, inhale taken, hand raises temptation below.
Hush extends as fruit is full raised, to taunt, to take, to snatch away
That which seemed not, was had when we prayed.

A moment of error, bad judgment, I pause, surely nothing, just one slight mistake,
Reaping such ends, shattering, rending, tearing to shreds.
Grief rises, fear batters, spirit searches for moment's reprieve.
Shame shadows, guilt girds, life swiftly leaves.