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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Self - for Him

At a moment in time, just a spark in time, a life begins.
A person's journey begins with a loud cry and then,
Lessons are learned, tussled with, reshaped,
As the point is acquired, digested, related
To one’s self. 

Acquiring, adjusting, moment by moment, a life forms.
Living through days with love, tears, joy, and through storms,
Then taking from each moment, regained,
The lessons make the person, push forward, restrain
In becoming one’s self. 

Mixing, stirring, melding, and growing, a person matures.
Walking this journey takes meekness and vigor,
Then walking forward in time with awareness
The knowledge of other is revealed, made known,
To be fully a self. 

Creating, molding, commanding, and breathing, persons are made.
Self’s journey truly began with recognition of that day,
Of something, someone, greater than me,
Knowledge of Creator, for me He redeemed,
As re-formed for Him. 

Walking, waiting, breathing, and praying, persons are fulfilled.
My  journey began recognizing Him and being still,
Awaiting His plan, His will that day,
Knowledge from Holy God, guidance, leads my way,
As disciple of Him. 

Striving, pursuing, running, and fighting, fulfills not one’s soul.
Journey of knowing begins, continues, makes whole,
While walking forward with Him in life,
Knowing, living,  growing, consecrated life,
Only for Him.