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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Void and God’s Grace: A James 4:6 Devotional

“But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, ‘God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’” (James 4:6 [NASB])

Many times in our lives, we want what other people have. As a small child going through the shops with our parents, we beg for one thing or another our eyes see. We may even reach out and secret something from a shelf into our hand gripping it tightly so no one will know.
Later in life, we see our friends in school wearing the latest style in clothes or driving a new car and we desire it, even envy the friend. It’s even possible we see a person in school get good grades and we look furtively when they take exams to steal their answers.
As an adult, we compete for better jobs with higher pay and/or prestige. We spend our money on bigger houses, more cars, boats, and expensive vacations, but maybe not filling a void we feel. We may keep spending and find no peace in that so work harder spending more time at work to earn more accolades and money to buy something bigger and grander. Still, the void, the joy and pleasure we sought is not filled.
James taught God gives the greater grace (James 4:6). That for which we sought throughout our lives – there’s got to be more. I want to experience gratification. – is never achieved. That joy, pleasure, love, goodwill, and kindness does not come from this world, from things and relationships. True fulfillment comes from God through His grace.
If you understand this and realize you are not fulfilled, you cannot seem to reach that point of “ah, this is it,” then you recognize that God-void. James tells us what we must do. Turn to God. Submit to Him. Resist the devil. Come near to God. Wash your hands. Purify your hearts. Humble yourselves before God.
This sounds like a big list. Really it is only two – ask God to forgive you and follow Him.
Are you tired of seeking for more and finding it does not fill the desire in you?
Fill that void with God. He is what you are missing. God created all humankind to be in relationship.
Come to Him, find relationship and peace, and receive His greater grace.