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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is Deuteronomy Relevant in the 21st Century?

Why did God choose a people group to become His people?
How does His choosing Israel affect us today?
Ever wonder why we should read Deuteronomy since it was written over 3000 years ago?

This comprehensive series of Bible studies on Deuteronomy will answer these questions and will help you realize the book's relevance to today? 

Join many thousands of people who have studied with me through this series. 
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* Understand why God chose and made the Israelites a nation for Himself.
* Realize God gave His laws to point people to Him.
* Understand how Deuteronomy points all people to the promised Messiah of the New   Testament.
* Come to the realization voluntary obedience to God is loving God. Love of God       
   creates willing, ungrudging obedience.

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Join me in studying Deuteronomy and grow in your faith in God because of it.

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