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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Preponderant Predicament or Peace and Praise

“Salvation belongs to the LORD. Your blessing be upon Your people. Selah.” Psalm 3:8, NASB

The Predicament

Psalm 3 is David’s heart’s cry to the Lord when his son, Absalom, and many of his followers sought to overcome him and take over his kingdom. His counselors, soldiers, and friends followed Absalom and his self-motivated retelling of David’s sins – keeping quiet about Tamar’s rape and about his adultery with Bathsheba. Anger prevailed over the myriad of people.

David could have despaired, but he learned in the past the LORD was his strength and deliverer. He cried out to Yahweh telling Him his troubles. David laid it before the Lord; he told his predicament. We can do the same thing.

The Promise

David next claimed the promise of God to be His shield, his glory, and the one who lifts his head. He claimed God’s strength and protection with faith. He trusted in the LORD and what He would do for him. David realized God would hear and answer Him from His high and exalted throne, the holy mountain. He honored God and gave Him glory even before God acted. David recognized and called God his glory giving Him reverence and honor. He knew the LORD would exalt and set him back on the throne. God’s anointing remained on him. Do we claim God’s promise and give Him glory before He acts?

The Peace

David’s trust in the LORD’s strength and faithfulness was great enough that he slept in peace and woke refreshed the next day. Just as the Psalm 23 states, He understood God had everything under control and he could rest peacefully. The LORD was on His throne and David did not need to be afraid though tens of thousands surrounded him. Is our trust in the LORD so great we can sleep in peace, arise refreshed, and not be afraid against insurmountable numbers?

The Pursuit

With this faith, and the strength and wisdom of God, David awoke and called on God to go to battle for him. The battle was the LORD’s, and David did not fret. The LORD would pursue and prevail against David’s enemies. David said the LORD struck the enemies on the cheek, like a lion whose jaw was hit and broken. They could not roar and injure his reputation and authority. God disarmed David’s enemies. David said, too, God shattered the teeth of the wicked, those who spoke truths about David for hostile purposes. Just as a broken toothed beast cannot bite and injure a person, a toothless person cannot speak lies anymore. First the enemies experienced God’s contempt, then received His punishment. Who did David have to fear with God as his salvation? Who do we have to fear with God as our Savior?

The Profession and Praise

David closed with one final addition to his psalm. He returned the praise and glory to God. David professed, “Salvation belongs to the LORD.” He trusted in the LORD. David recognized for him at that time, God’s blessing to him was salvation from his enemies and their lies, deceit, and betrayal. David’s blessing from God was that he did not have to take revenge upon Absalom. He left the matter to the LORD in His wisdom and power. Do we trust God to take charge of our lives and situations? Do we see our blessing is not fighting for ourselves?

David’s relationship with God was such that he could go directly to Him and cry out his misery and fear. His relationship was such that he knew the LORD well enough he could claim His promise and trust Him in advance. David, in his inner being could rest in peace knowing God had the situation under control. He could wake fresh and ready to face the day and see the LORD go before him and handle the matter. The LORD would lift him back up onto the throne over Israel. David could watch as God pursued his enemies. He received salvation and blessing by the hand of the LORD. David trusted in the LORD in a bad situation and gave Him glory.

Peace for You

Maybe you are going through a difficult time right now. God is waiting to give you peace and rest. He is waiting for you to trust Him and let Him fight your battles. Call out to Him and receive His blessing of peace, rest, and victory. God is greater than anyone or any circumstance you face. He comes from Zion, the throne higher than any other, to bring victory to you. Have you placed your trust in Him? Salvation belongs to the LORD. He gives it freely to all you believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Will you call out to Him like David?