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Friday, December 22, 2017

PODCAST of God's Truths and Judgment part 1

Hello everyone,

I hope you are ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ next week. We have already been celebrating singing Christmas carols and enjoying the company of friends over meals, games, and movies.

A new podcast went online today called God's Truths and Judgment part 1 taken from Romans 2:1-4. You can listen to this podcast by clicking the title below. 

During this holiday season and for the first 5 weeks of 2018, I will not be writing new Bible studies. I will be helping take care of our newborn grandson instead. But, I will be recording new podcasts from other Bible studies I have written, particularly the Bible study series on prayer. 

You can keep up with these podcasts by clicking on and putting into your saved folder this web address, 

Alternatively, you can go to the podcast website and become a follower then automatic notifications will arrive in your email each time a new podcast is available.

May you each recognize the love of the Lord during this season and look up God with awe, reverence, and love.

Be blessed,
Gail Suratt Davis