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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Just Listen

Today, I had a “Hello” waiting for me on my FB messages when I woke up. I did not know who the person was, but that is often the case with my author page, so I said, “Hello” back. The person’s name was Mataa and I just felt I was supposed to do it.

Within a couple minutes, this unknown “voice” wrote me and said, “Can I tell you my story.” You know what I said, “Of course.” Everyone has a story and the first part of healing from a trauma is telling your story to a person who really listens to you. I’ve been in that position, so I said, "yes."

This person, whom I was later to find out is a 19-year-old man from Sudan, told me his horrific story. I waited until he was finished. I told him that was horrible; I'm sorry he experienced that. I knew somewhat the kind of trauma he went through because I have heard refugee stories that make your blood go cold and your heart stop in the last 7+ years I have worked with refugees. 

I asked what he needed. He said he had never been to school until he arrived at the refugee camp in northeastern Kenya. Now, he said, he is in form 2 and the school requires fees to be paid to continue his education. He doesn’t know how he will finish school. That is what he wants, to finish school.

We spoke some more. He asked where I live and work. I asked if he is a Christian. He said he is. We chatted some more. At the end of the conversation, I asked him, “How did you know about me? How did you find me?” He said, "I have seen your Facebook site and saw you are a caring lady. I knew you would listen to my story. You are a Christian."

Some days all we have to do is just listen, truly listen. That is our gift from God when we repent. That is our gift to other people who are in pain. Just listen. God does it every day when we come to Him in our quiet times and when we have our private devotions with Him. He listens and says, “That’s MY daughter.” "That’s MY son.”

Just listening is a GIFT.